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Sanook Kitchen is the perfect fusion of culinary artistry and a cozy dining atmosphere. With a commitment to exceptional flavors and warm hospitality, our restaurant offers a memorable dining experience.

About Snook Kitchen

Sanook Kitchen where every plate tells a story, and every meal is a masterpiece.

Our History in the Kitchen

For decades, Sanook Kitchen has been a beacon of culinary excellence, tracing its roots back to a small, family-run kitchen where a passion for food and a commitment to hospitality first took shape. With each passing year, our journey in the world of gastronomy has been a testament to unwavering dedication and a constant search for perfection.
From that modest beginning, we’ve become a beloved dining destination famous for its delicious creations and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Our history in the kitchen is a rich tapestry of flavors, traditions, and innovation, all aimed at providing our guests with an extraordinary culinary experience that lingers in their hearts and palates long after the meal. Join us on this gastronomic journey, and be a part of our regular legacy in food and hospitality.

Snook Kitchen

Chef’s Expertise

Sanook Kitchen exceeds the ordinary, promising a gastronomic journey that teases the taste buds and delights the senses. Our chefs, masters of their craft, curate each dish accurately, passionately, and creatively. From the finest ingredients to the artful presentation, every element on your plate is a testament to our unwavering commitment to culinary perfection. At Sanook Kitchen, we believe in elevating dining into an unforgettable experience, where every bite reflects our dedication to unparalleled quality and flavor. Come, savor the perfection of culinary mastery, and tackle a delightful adventure through taste and elegance.

Snook Kitchen at Suntec City

Menu Selections

Sanook Kitchen offers a diverse range of global flavors and innovative culinary creations in menu selections.

Food Hygiene and Quality

The Sanook Kitchen maintains strict food hygiene practices and consistently delivers high-quality culinary offerings.

Event Registration

Event registration at Sanook Kitchen is now open for all food lovers keen to join our culinary workshops and tastings.


Secure your table at Sanook Kitchen for an unforgettable dining experience with our easy reservation process.

Chef’s Specials

Sanook Kitchen’s Chef’s Specials feature a rotating selection of beautiful dishes crafted by our talented chef.

Healthy Ingredients

The healthy ingredients used in Sanook Kitchen include fresh organic produce and whole grains to create delicious dishes.

What People Are Saying About Sanook Kitchen

Firdaus SimanFirdaus Siman
15:03 28 May 24
Hello, I would like to write a complain for the poor customer service for Amirul , Johan and Rachel for Sanook Suntec City Outlet on the 28 May 2024 dinner time. While waiting outside we were served by Rachel and we told her that we would like to sit on the right side of the restaurant as we have toodler who likes to run around. We also told her that table for 3 , however she kept on repeat table for 2. When we were already seated on the right side , either johan or Amirul came towards us and ask us to shift place to the left side. Despite me explaining to him our situation he doesn’t care and ask us to go the left side of the restaurant as I believed he only cared about going early as closing time was about 40 mins time. I kept quiet and didn’t want to question so much. What pisses me off is while I was feeding my child either Johan Or Amirul came to my table twice asking for payment as they were doing closing. My wife and I told him can you wait , we are feeding our child , give us 5 mins. He didn’t cared and stood there asking for payment and told me to understand him. While I am eating and feeding my child I have to understand him? Regardless if other people have paid before closing or not , other people do not have a kid at that point time. If you know you were gonna do closing you should have ask me for payment when I ordered the food, however all of your staff only cared about closing and rushing here and there. Poor customer service by this 3 names mentioned. The cashier did not even apologise and even stared at us. Please train up your staff well and have some empathy in them. Not every customer is the same. We are paying customer , we do not expect a 5 star service from Sanook but at least basic customer service which your staff poorly lack off.
Nanthini DhanabalanNanthini Dhanabalan
11:37 27 May 24
I have been there multiple times to eat but recently I have been receiving burned fried rice. And the fact that it can be seen that it is burned but they choose to serve annoys me.Today the egg was burned badly but they still chose to pack the food as take away. We were very hungry and received this:(
Fiona ChanFiona Chan
04:57 20 May 24
The service from Peter is superb. He is very attentive to our orders and cleared away the dirty plates so that we can continued to chat with friends comfortably. The food today is cooked by his manager which is not salty and yet tasty.
Pick Lian LeowPick Lian Leow
04:57 20 May 24
Rebecca LimRebecca Lim
04:53 20 May 24
Affordable set lunch (under SGD15). Amazing and prompt service by Peter and Ann! 🙂
Kelly ChewKelly Chew
07:56 22 Mar 24
Craving for Tom yum soup today.... We had the sour clear and red Tom yum... Yummy... Satisfied with the service here especially the cute uncle... We got a bowl of free popcorn from him... The ambience here is good too...
Prabhuraj ReddyPrabhuraj Reddy
05:11 22 Mar 24
Food was great, Peter gave a great service
Florence TengFlorence Teng
08:48 15 Mar 24
Everything is nice,service from staff Peter is equally good.
Loh JunhaoLoh Junhao
07:08 15 Mar 24
I was being served by the manager of the outlet mr peter he was very friendly
Peter TanPeter Tan
07:02 15 Mar 24
Priscilla AyleenPriscilla Ayleen
05:00 26 Feb 24
Pad thai was amazing!Would like to commend the waiter uncle who was very sweet to us. Even if the lunch crowd was hectic, he still managed to chat with us a little bit. He told us to eat slowly and not to rush, that's so nice of him!Thank you, uncle 🙂 me and my friends enjoyed the lunch!!
Tan QueenyTan Queeny
07:12 25 Feb 24
Nice service!
Yap XavierYap Xavier
07:12 25 Feb 24
Jia Yun LohJia Yun Loh
12:44 22 Feb 24
Loved the Daily Set for 2. Very worth the price, but not suitable for my bf that cant take spicy food
Nur. FNur. F
12:10 21 Feb 24
Nur Fatihah AnisahNur Fatihah Anisah
07:53 05 Feb 24
Delicious good and good services ☺️
Lila VasuLila Vasu
07:51 05 Feb 24
Thank you Ady for your good services🥰
Mira ZMira Z
07:22 04 Feb 24
Aniqah RoslanAniqah Roslan
12:31 02 Feb 24
Had a dinner here in sanook. It was an amazing experience. The service is very good as well as the food. Will definitely be my go to place after this. Plus it is halal. To all muslim, if you’re looking for halal and delicious food, this is the place.
08:08 02 Feb 24
The food was amazing especially the mango fried fish n sticky rice💕💕Mr ant too gud in recommend us the delicious food
safiah begamsafiah begam
12:20 15 Jan 24
Pleasant place, wonderful people, good food at reasonable price. Worth visiting
08:40 15 Jan 24
Nur QuraisyahNur Quraisyah
08:28 15 Jan 24
Faz KamalFaz Kamal
08:28 15 Jan 24
Authentic flavours and spice levels.
Mustaqeem Ali KhanMustaqeem Ali Khan
11:18 18 Dec 23
Siska El HumairaSiska El Humaira
15:31 16 Dec 23
Andy ZuraihiAndy Zuraihi
08:35 14 Dec 23
Slow serving. Kitchen prepare order not accordingly. Later tables receive food earlier.
Asyura LiyanaAsyura Liyana
07:52 14 Dec 23
The food all was delicious and okay we love it .. the service given was an excellent job.
sonia leesonia lee
06:49 13 Dec 23
The food is amazing staff is friendly
Rathi GRathi G
18:48 29 Nov 23
03:15 29 Nov 23
Big variety of stuff that even vegetarian friends can choose from.
00:53 28 Nov 23
11:42 25 Nov 23
Shafiq SofiaShafiq Sofia
08:35 22 Nov 23
Cherlene KumarCherlene Kumar
11:13 10 Nov 23
Zayn TanZayn Tan
10:54 10 Nov 23
Great service, food never disappoints 😀
Lyana AdlinaLyana Adlina
08:16 10 Nov 23
najiha halilinajiha halili
16:18 19 Oct 23
love the service.. 💞💞 and also the cleanliness of d restaurant n the dishes are all mouth-watering!!
12:39 19 Oct 23
loveeeee the food sm !!!
Kuinston OzzyKuinston Ozzy
12:34 19 Oct 23
Litbrie HaniesdyLitbrie Haniesdy
12:31 19 Oct 23
Makkkkk lurveee his food, sedaapp
Jamaludin HassanJamaludin Hassan
13:22 27 Sep 23
Affordable Thai food with wide range of choices. Their vegetarian options also the best!Kudos to Nadia, one of the staff that very knowledgeable in explaining every single menu with charming smile. I recommend this outlet and definitely will come here again
Beatrice LimBeatrice Lim
11:35 26 Sep 23
Sabarrudin TahaSabarrudin Taha
10:50 26 Sep 23
Great vibes, great food, awesome service!
Md IsyarrudinMd Isyarrudin
08:03 26 Sep 23
food was great! had the beef green curry with rice & definitely worth the price.. atmosphere was very nice, not too quiet not too loud, great ambience so far..nadia was superb in serving us. 👍🏽
Drunken Anus LiceDrunken Anus Lice
07:54 26 Sep 23
Dessert very nice and sweet
09:56 06 Aug 23
POWEEEEEER! But the chicken, can be better. The Beef Noodle-Not to my liking. Aside from that, POWEEEER. The Thai Ice Tea, DAMN POWEEEEER!
Sue GanSue Gan
14:40 05 Jul 23
A rather disappointing place for thai food. Service was poor as we needed to raise our hand several times to get their attention. The dishes that we ordered tasted sweet overall. And to my surprise, the mango rice was so dry and the coconut sauce was basically out from a can. Mango salad, fried chicken and PHADTHAI all had one common taste, sweet. Did not have a great experience but I am still giving 3 star for effort.
Lin S.Lin S.
04:52 29 Jun 23
Sanook adopts online ordering system, which is perfect since we can submit at our own pace. Food served relatively fast.Staff were polite and attentive to our needs. Usually we need to inform when to serve our desserts but at Sanook, staff would ask practively if we are ready for dessert once we are done with our meal. Service with a smile. Love it.My only issue is the food. Food taste is not the best, merely average. Have issues with chicken dishes. Both Honey chicken and tomyam were either using frozen cuts or going bad (not fresh). There was a strong fishy-like smell, particularly for tomyam chicken. Sweet sour sauce too little for fish.Mango glutinous rice portion was pretty small. Red ruby was better than some thai restaurants.
08:12 07 May 23
Food: 4.5/5Service: 5/5Environment: 5/5Atmosphere: 4/5Overall Rating: 4.5/5Review: Surprisingly the food tasted really delicious. We had to self serve our own water which was a bit different from other restaurants, and the food itself tasted amazing, especially the spinach. The fried tofu was also really good as well, but I do recommend buying the spinach. The environment is clean, and the service is friendly as well. Overall it's a good restaurant to try out Thai food.
Cat NCat N
14:10 10 Mar 23
It's one of the Thai restaurant that me and my friend always go for decent Halal meal. The service is good. The ambience is nice. The price range is reasonable considering their facility. I find it's even better value than a lot of small shops in Golden Mile which is famous for Thai food but I think it's overated.My favourite dish is here is Clear Tom yum seafood soup. Their omelette with prawns is good too.Highly recommend for Halal food. I'll come back again.
Harry LowHarry Low
06:29 28 May 24
Yu Hui WangYu Hui Wang
12:31 26 May 24
Geraldine ChuaGeraldine Chua
11:08 26 May 24
sun zijing (Andy Seng)sun zijing (Andy Seng)
02:24 26 May 24
Had the big seafood set, quantity enough for 3 pax definitely, maybe an additional child also still ok. The soup broth is on the sweeter side. Ingredients are fresh.Complimentary popcorn was served as soon as we sat down 👍Green tea with milk is a nice change from the usual milk tea.Dessert is mango sticky rice, taste great nothing to complain about, but maybe quantity is too little? Haha finished in a flashOverall great dining experience, no queue, good food, great service.
Feezy MeekyFeezy Meeky
11:52 14 Mar 24
Jasmine LeeJasmine Lee
05:32 14 Mar 24
Nice and delicious Thai food
Daniel ShadiqDaniel Shadiq
04:22 08 Mar 24
Food and service was great. Very prompt. Thank you guys.
Dhivya RavisankerDhivya Ravisanker
14:25 06 Mar 24
Visited sanook Thai restaurant for my hub’s birthday . Ordered pad Thai with prawn , pad Thai with vegetables, veg spring roll , roasted chicken , milk tea , sticky rice with mango .Everything tasted good .Even they customise with vegeterian options .Service and waiters were so kind .
09:02 24 Feb 24
good service, good food. happy tummy thank you.
Nur DasonNur Dason
09:00 24 Feb 24
Very welcoming staff, food has nice portioning and great ambience to dine in. Thumbs up to PLQ team.
09:00 24 Feb 24
Excellent service by Exci & Nabilah..and the food is 👍🏻 good ..will come back again soon ❤️❤️
hazman hasanhazman hasan
13:16 20 Feb 24
Chan DanielChan Daniel
05:56 17 Feb 24
Good food and staff friendly
Ashraf ZainAshraf Zain
11:27 25 Jan 24
Yunlei SunYunlei Sun
11:51 22 Jan 24
Lutfi AbdullahLutfi Abdullah
05:28 22 Jan 24
Tuti AwaliyahTuti Awaliyah
13:33 21 Jan 24
The service was very unfriendly and racist even though we came with the hope of good and friendly service but when we asked for permission to cut the cake we were not allowed to accept their decision. I don't know what made one of the restaurant waiters with short hair very cynically look at us with disdain. I liked it and what was worse was when we blew out the candles but didn't take a photo or just asked if I could take a photo of you and unlike the Chinese ethnic group, he was very friendly and wanted to take a photo with a sweet smile... the service was very, very bad and we came as a group of 9 There are no bowls served but we have to ask first. I really don't recommend this restaurant for ethnic Muslims and migrants because they are racist in choosing their customers.
Don CoesDon Coes
00:39 15 Jan 24
Linceyes Reyisa LibiusLinceyes Reyisa Libius
09:50 14 Jan 24
Ellyssa ChanEllyssa Chan
02:09 13 Jan 24
Elliana ChanElliana Chan
02:05 13 Jan 24
Best restaurant ever🥹
Diana MohdDiana Mohd
08:42 17 Dec 23
Food was good and fresh. Staff was friendly and attentive.
Rudinboyz KiaRudinboyz Kia
08:08 16 Dec 23
The service is super awesome
Le WendyLe Wendy
05:49 15 Dec 23
Swanie BudimanSwanie Budiman
05:45 15 Dec 23
Good 👍 no complaints
Abdul Rahmat Bin JamilAbdul Rahmat Bin Jamil
05:25 09 Dec 23
good food, happy stomach.
Fah ZulFah Zul
15:16 30 Nov 23
Love love the atmosphere during non peak hours. The service during peak and non peak is still 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Been there twice definitely will come there for my meals often! Keep up PLQ sanook team.
Ryan FooRyan Foo
15:50 26 Nov 23
The service was excellent - all the staff were polite when serving us and did an excellent job overall. Amazing food too
Muhammad JaafarMuhammad Jaafar
04:02 23 Nov 23
Kudos to the friendly staff and an awesome food!
Hakeem GHakeem G
05:47 22 Nov 23
Apple LeeApple Lee
07:38 10 Nov 23
Good environment and good song to enjoy while eating. The food also nice.
Tan JiarouTan Jiarou
11:12 09 Nov 23
Excifilecia JubileeExcifilecia Jubilee
11:07 09 Nov 23
Good environment and fast service.
10:57 09 Nov 23
Intharatsamee AranitIntharatsamee Aranit
12:21 08 Nov 23
Good service and good food
Rachel TRachel T
16:52 12 Oct 23
Very affordable but rather mid Thai food. Tried the clear seafood tom yum, green curry chicken, pad kra pow, and spicy seafood glass noodle salad. Was not particularly impressed by any of the dishes and not sure if I would revisit as there are better Thai options nearby. However, service was great here 🙂
anwar bazlianwar bazli
12:28 09 Oct 23
Good Food, Fast service and friendly staff! Great spot for dinner and thai food cravings
Nurul NabilahNurul Nabilah
12:33 08 Oct 23
The staff are very polite and very responsive. It was my bachelorette and they are kind enough to give us free dessert as well
Hafiz -zulHafiz -zul
07:58 06 Oct 23
Thank you for the great service from the crews. Will come back here again.
nabilah hudanabilah huda
03:02 06 Oct 23
Rabia RehmanRabia Rehman
12:35 24 Aug 23
recently had the pleasure of dining at a Thai restaurant called Sanook. I was looking for a place to get authentic Thai food, and I was not disappointed. The restaurant was small and cozy, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The service was fast and friendly, and the food was absolutely delicious.We started with the pad thai, which was perfectly cooked and flavorful. The noodles were perfectly chewy, and the sauce was sweet and savory. The beef kai lan was also excellent, with tender beef. The green curry was rich and flavorful, and the mango salad was refreshing and light. The basil mince chicken was my favorite dish of all, with tender chicken cooked in a fragrant sauce.Overall, I had a wonderful dining experience at Sanook. The food was excellent, the service was great, and the atmosphere was perfect. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for authentic Thai food.
Melissa ChewMelissa Chew
04:13 22 Jul 23
Great food! Mango sticky rice was very tasty (salty enough which I like). The service was also great! Very accommodating to food sensitivities.
Megan NgMegan Ng
04:54 06 Jun 23
Ordered the set menu and papaya salad to share for 3 pax.Papaya salad and stir fried veg was ok, nothing special.The deep fried seabass was an outstanding. Perfect crispy fried fish but still keep the meat juicy inside, went well with the sweet and spicy sauce.Clear tomyum chicken was a disappointment, the soup was lack of flavor, more bitter tastes and not much ingredient.I saw reviews that they give free popcorn but not for us. We wanted to get chopsticks, it was very difficult to call the staffs and they didn't look so happy to serve or answer our questions.The food was ok but service was a “no” for me.
SZ LimSZ Lim
11:00 08 Apr 23
Came here around 5.45pm on a Saturday. Restaurant was empty and service was prompt.We brought baby food and requested for cutleries for baby. Staff mentioned that their cutleries are for their own food only. I think there is good and bad to this practice. Good that they manage the cutleries, but they can be even better if they can practice flexibility depending on the type of baby food. (eg. Prepacked vegetatian baby food)Food wise, their tomyum and stir fried mixed vege is a must try. But the other food that we tried tasted mediocre. The Thai mango fried fish was not value for money in my opinion.Service wise the staff were friendly and fast and good. Thumbs up to the service.Atmosphere wise it's typical atmosphere. Suitable for family dinner.
June TanJune Tan
12:13 27 Feb 23
This is the second time I dined at Sanook PLQ. I came here because they have vegetarian option. This time round the tofu is not that dry and hard to chew. It would be great if it is just likely fried so that the tofu is soft and easier for senior to eat. For vegetarian option without meat, should replace with fried egg or mixed veggie as alternative options.I think Sanook is the only restaurant offering FREE popcorn snack. This is a very generous and nice gesture. Hope they would continue to do this. Overall, I would choose Sanook for dining as it is wallet-friendly. The staff at PLQ are also very pleasant. Last but not least, I can see the kitchen from where we sat and I was truly impressed. It looks clean and tidy. Good housekeeping.
Sanook Kitchen
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Siti KhalsomSiti Khalsom
09:50 26 May 24
Simon OhSimon Oh
11:19 25 May 24
Disappointed with service. Fried chicken wings took a long time and when it came, it was not cooked on the inside. Cashier was impolite and impatient. I supposed it was because I told her to cancel the chicken wings order as we didn't want to wait anymore.
Tara JavaeiraTara Javaeira
17:23 23 May 24
very nice staff! food also good. hygiene too
nabiela azmannabiela azman
13:25 23 May 24
Aishah AzmanAishah Azman
12:59 23 May 24
sofi Tansofi Tan
08:41 15 Mar 24
This is mine repeated return.. always had a wonderful experience with food and staff service , especially a Chinese uncle staff very helpful and friendly service... Will definately recommend friends and family to come here too! Thumps up guys!
Haziq HawwariHaziq Hawwari
11:58 12 Mar 24
i love the food here, very delicious, the staff are very friendly really really nice, service is fast and steady. Keep up the good work
Zixiang NgZixiang Ng
04:23 06 Mar 24
Wei Jen SeahWei Jen Seah
04:03 27 Feb 24
*Edit*Food was good but experience was marred by the kitchen forgetting our orders, and no explanations or apologies were given. However, when I was paying, the cashier did apologise for the long wait, although no explanation was given still.
Lim Keng KianLim Keng Kian
09:31 24 Feb 24
Accommodating. Food served piping 🔥
Justin lamJustin lam
04:17 21 Feb 24
Pleasant experience
Cecelia TranCecelia Tran
04:08 21 Feb 24
Great experience . We will come back
Susan Wu MartinezSusan Wu Martinez
13:26 19 Feb 24
Nice place to eat with friends or family!
hui yinghui ying
05:41 31 Jan 24
Food and atmosphere is nice, staffs are friendly and definitely will come back again.
teo iristeo iris
05:38 31 Jan 24
Yami SimonYami Simon
05:38 31 Jan 24
Very friendly staff and fast service. Nice food
Had BoomHad Boom
11:36 30 Jan 24
Staff Ain, Rawiyah and uncle Ng are friendly and efficient in their service.They do check with us if all ok
Poh Yen CheahPoh Yen Cheah
09:36 30 Jan 24
Staff friendly, good services. Food delicious. Highly recommended you to eat here.
Mimi SaniMimi Sani
05:01 12 Jan 24
Shamsuri AyubShamsuri Ayub
14:27 09 Jan 24
Wiah is very friendly and have good customer service. I compliment her hard working attitude.
Kimte FanaiKimte Fanai
11:16 09 Jan 24
Great foods with a nice atmosphere. Uncle is very friendly and helpful
Lovely GraceLovely Grace
09:50 09 Jan 24
Best customer service ever by Hock Seng uncle
Pom PomPom Pom
08:31 09 Jan 24
Thank you!
Kawsar AhmedKawsar Ahmed
02:58 23 Dec 23
Suresh Kumar SureshSuresh Kumar Suresh
02:55 23 Dec 23
07:26 21 Dec 23
Service staff, aduhwa, was very kind and attentive to our needs.
07:26 21 Dec 23
Mila MulanMila Mulan
02:57 01 Dec 23
Great service & good food...
Nur Sabrina YahyaNur Sabrina Yahya
15:06 30 Nov 23
Great service and nice food!
09:34 30 Nov 23
mohd azidmohd azid
08:59 30 Nov 23
Very nice place to bring family
Nur JannahNur Jannah
08:36 30 Nov 23
The food's service it was very excellent. Good and delicious!!!
Superb LimSuperb Lim
16:00 04 Nov 23
Ordered for early dinner. Love kailan and mushrooms dish, basil rice also nice.
Dahlia ZainuddinDahlia Zainuddin
05:34 04 Nov 23
Food is generally good. Pad Thai a fave.
sc Pearsc Pear
15:17 31 Oct 23
Visited this restaurant today. I didn't know what to order, but a super friendly Chinese uncle waiter recommended the 2 people set meal. He mentioned it's around 6 SGD cheaper than ordering a la carte. It was great to be served by such an enthusiastic uncle, which is hard to find in the F&B industry these days.
N_ HN_ H
01:33 31 Oct 23
Recommended place to have a tasty meal with reasonable price. Highly recommended for local & tourists.
01:31 31 Oct 23
Genevieve HootGenevieve Hoot
16:11 16 Oct 23
1st time lunch at Sanook Kitchen Sengkang Grand Mall today (16 Oct 2023 - Monday). Friendly & Efficient Staff with nice ambience plus a free complimentary bowl of sweet popcorns, enjoyed myself throughout with excellent service & peaceful moment, thank you ^_^
Esther DragonEsther Dragon
12:35 16 Oct 23
Bernadette BustilloBernadette Bustillo
07:12 15 Oct 23
Frytzie BustilloFrytzie Bustillo
07:11 15 Oct 23
Jardin JumatJardin Jumat
05:51 18 Sep 23
Nice and chilling atmosphere. Thai milk tea less sugar is perfection. Basil beef rice is delicious. Squid basil is decent. Overall, highly recommended place to eat.
07:12 20 Aug 23
Very delicious foods such as steamed fish, mushroom kailan and pineapple fried rice. Even the Thai milk tea tasted amazing! The service is excellent and restaurant is beautiful and clean! 100% recommended to all nearby and afar!
Victor YeoVictor Yeo
04:13 10 Aug 23
Came for a quick lunch today and the price was not expensive, food quality and taste were great. Waitress was polite and helpful.Ordered the spicy tanghoon and honey chicken rice.Will sure come back again.
Tan JunyuTan Junyu
11:40 09 Aug 23
We joined in the queue after strolling thru sengkang grand mall eatery/ restaurant. Lucky for us, the queue move pretty quick. The dishes was served quite prompty also. Overall a pleasant dining experience. Update: We ordered the set for 2 pax which include steamed sotong, fried chicken and stir fried kailan. Really have to mention the excellent service from the chinese uncle. 👍👍👍
Amy FuAmy Fu
08:03 08 Apr 23
The restaurant gets very crowded during peak hours. So do go early.Ordered a few dishes: Tom Yam, Prawn Cake, Kang Kong, Basil meat all were good.Aside from a persistent fly around our sitting area, other than that the food and service were good.